Interested in advertising in the Ridge Parent Directory?

This upcoming school year of 2019-20, Ridgewood Home & School Associations will be transitioning to an exciting new online digital format.

Parents and teachers will access school directories via their mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers. We are happy to offer this new format, which will be more convenient for parents, more widely viewed, and more impactful for our advertising partners! 

We offer two types of digital advertisements to select partners: Banner Ads and Directory Ads.

Banner and Directory ads are an excellent opportunity for local businesses to purchase advertising space which will provide more marketing exposure. Thank you for your support of Ridge Elementary and Ridgewood Public Schools. We are grateful for your partnership and consideration.

If you are interested in placing an ad and/or for any questions, please contact us.

BAnner Ads

Banner Ads are rectangular advertisements with image/graphics and text that appear on the directory pages at the bottom. Banner ads are limited to 10 total ads and will appear in fair rotation. Ads are interactive - clicking on the ad will bring viewers to your website.

Directory ads

Directory Ads are a listing of advertisers’ company names. The directory ads list is accessed from the directory landing page under the “Sponsors” category. Directory ads are unlimited. Your company name will be listed and will include a link to your website.


Advertising Inquiry

Are you interested in advertising with us and supporting Ridge HSA?  We'd love to hear from you.


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