Ridge Beautification Project

One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade.

Chinese Proverb 

As Spring begins we are kicking off fundraising to enhance the entrance at Ridge Elementary.  The current plum tree in front of Catherine’s Garden needs to be removed for safety, which creates an opportunity to upgrade that space for students, teachers, and parents.  In addition, we’d like to give back to our amazing teaching staff by renovating their Lounge.  Our goal is to complete the project this summer!

Courtyard Area

We are planning five enhancements to this area:

  • Replace gravel area with personalized pavers for children to gather and play before, during, and after school.

  • Add benches for teachers, parents, and students.

  • Install a new Ridge Elementary sign on the front of the building (the school does not currently have its name on the building).

  • Landscape the flower beds within Catherine’s Garden.

  • Plant a tree on the patio above the Courtyard.


Conceptual renderings generously donated by Monello Landscape Industries.


Conceptual renderings generously donated by Monello Landscape Industries.

Teacher Lounge and Central Entrance

In addition to the Courtyard project, we plan to:

  • Upgrade the Teachers' Lounge.

  • Add benches and planters along the east side of Ridge’s main entrance.

Ways to Contribute

Our ability to complete these plans is determined by the funds raised.  You can contribute by purchasing engraved pavers or via a straight monetary donation.  Donations are tax deductible.


One educational gift Dr. Schoenlank works hard to pass on to all her students is a lifelong love of reading. From her promotion of the One School One Book Program, to the yearly Readathons, to the many titles she personally reads to the children, Dr. Schoenlank always inspires Ridge to read!

With that in mind, and with her blessing, we will be adding a free lending library to the front patio, along with nature-inspired flex seating under a newly planted cherry tree - to match the others on the patio and replace one that came down last year. This tree is a favorite of Dr. Schoenlank, and the idea of children being able to read alongside the tree as it grows is one that makes us smile; and we hope you agree.

Our Tribute to Dr. Schoenlank

Engraved Pavers

What better place to honor the memories made at Ridge than with a personalized engraved paver as part of your donation. Your kids' and family name can be a part of the school for years to come. It's nostalgic, it's personal, it's meaningful, it's lasting.

Engraved 4x8 Paver

Starting from


Engraved 8x8 Paver

Starting from


Engraved 12x12 Bluestone

Starting from



Starting from



Give ( donation )

All funds donated will go towards fulfilling the projects identified above, with ongoing input from school administration, teacher representatives, and the HSA.  We truly appreciate your support of the initiatives, and look forward to completing the work this summer.  


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