Ridge Beautification Project



Thank you to all who participated in this fundraiser.  The HSA and Beautification Committee are now focused on the execution phase, and will provide updates once completed. 

$$ to Goal



Conceptual renderings generously donated by Monello Landscape Industries.

Thank you for your generous donation and support!

Bridget, Zachary, Drew and Sebastian Lynch
Charlotte Sher
Hunter and Harper Williams
James Simon Lang
Sadie and Adrienne Lee
Leo Maggio
Alex and Olivia Wang
Obie, Whit and AJ Vermylen
Jake, Oliver, and Gwen Beser 
Luke Ginn
Kate, Caleb and Rachel Barth 
Peter and Anya Lambert
Sutton Mayor
Isla and Ellery Bender
Aliza, Kate and Josie Harinstein
Liam, Owen and Sean Clifford
Grant, Grace and Gabe Iorio
Thomas, Jack and Anne Holder
Emma and Finn Wallace
Serena, Natalie and Clara Vassak
Daniel, Lindsey and Claire Libenson
Brooke, Lea and Colette Kantrowitz
Sam, Henry and Charlotte Harris
Leo Brichter
Andrew and Blake Pan
Andrew, Abby and Bailey Glassman
Adrian and Xavier Kelly
John Robert Oros
Victor and Veronica Petrov
Emily Spartz 
Victor, Jake and Emma Wacksman
Thalia, Louisa and Antonio Constantinople
Derin Demirdag
Charlotte and Greyson Bruno
Ava and Clara Tobaccowala
Alyssa and Nathan Zhang
Leo, Max and Oliver Schirripa
Emma and Hannah Zuckerman
Anna, Daniel and Julia Beiersdorf
Hudson, Hayden and Hunter Goldberg
Nathan and Aidan Cline
Ariela Wojehowski
Tobby Ye
Howard Chen
Clare and Molly Wall
Nora Brady
Gavin, Landon and Hayden Boucher
Isaac and Rose Kurzrok
Ayla Mursalov
Nolan and Grayson Song
Miles Fitzpatrick

Heather, Alexis and Andrew Agnello (graduated)

1st Grade Girl Scout Troop
Patrick, Drew and Jack Callen
Adeline and Charlotte Schiff
Eli and Joseph Lee
Olivia and Sophia Hutchinson
Zavier and Zedric Miller
Colin, Emily and Noah Kupiec
Erin and Aiden Madigan
Arthur Sakakihara
Maeve Joyce
Harrison Carr
Eve and Sam Rozenberg
Ridge Girl Scouts 2021
Ali Asghar Zariwala
Maki and Yuki Ishihara
Grant and Giada Ogilby
Teaghan, Tommy, Kayleigh and Brennah Freeley
Luke Smith
Cameron, Gavin and Landon Teichmann  
Anna and Maya Dilman
Violet Siemon
Emma, Clara and Stella Di Benedetto
Cruz, Mateo and Jaxon Fisher
Rosa, Viana and Christian Soares
Sutton and Alistair Brady
Namish and Krish Chopra
William, Samuel and Isaac Kelly
Avery and Andrew Hearn
Grace and Elizabeth Murphy
Vicken and Decile Ezik
Isabella, Jordan, Alexa and Nico Katsaros
Mackenzie and Jack Kivitt
Mac, Henry and Walter Daffron
Aidan, Colin and Luke Wilson
Olivia and Avery Edelman
Josie Crosly
Katherine, Bella and Rob Turnbull
Sophia Sfikas
Marco and Leo Khawaja
Jack, Ryan and Evan Konzelmann
Mark and Brian Fuhrman
Meghan, Samantha, Molly and Annie McCarthy (graduated)
Jake and Luke Chudy
Amalia and Marco Liberatore
Isabella and Victoria Torres
Jake Oliver Rubenstein
Katelyn, Connor and Grace McGirr
Rachel and John Robertson
Nicholas, Julian and Tessa Parra

Oliver Lawson
Sophia Zachariah
Miles, Sloane and Brody Gross
Thalia Constantinople

Charlotte and Vivienne Williams
Brooks, Sammy and Reece Peoples
Nathan Rubenstein
Evan and Nolan Fernandez
Myla and Quinn Sturmfels
Lexington and Nico Kafes
Ethan and Kara Hong
Annie and Henry Summerville (graduated)
Arman and Rohaan Nair
Maguire, Griffin, Sawyer and Rigby Bruce-Lockhart
Colt and Drea Minetti
Madelyn Rubine
Vivian and Conner Cinco
Charles and Harrison Goncheroff
Joanie and Paul Hoag
Cameron Rosenberg
Sean Guzas
Georgia Glazer
Derin Sezgin
Layla Naik
Jack and Audrey Beckerman
Emma, Grace, James and Ben Orellana
Zoe and Genevieve Coppola
James and Penelope Herrmann
Benjamin and Claire Hayes
Rose and Charlie Ebinger
Sebastian and Darien Steketee
Emily Donohue
Augie, Paloma and Malcolm Springer
Charley, Boden and Sadie Kuiken
Decklen and Everly Wesner
Ally, Sarah and Kate Jacobsen
Cybele Abboud
Mirabelle and Blake Chan
Myra and Rishaan Vasan
Luccas and Myles Colantropo 
Matthew, Amanda, Faith, Jillian and Danielle Ditommaso
Giancarlo and Gianna Ramos
Zoe and Ben Weber
Jax and Vincent Monte
Michael You
Samara and Brooke Reilly
Brendan and Colin Flynn
Devin Strosberg
Brady, Haley, Madeline, Lily and Theodore Killeen
Violet and Alexander Faranda
Suvir Sekhon
Brennan, Annie and Charlotte Woods
Maddie and Nate Malbin
Declan Moore

Karl Gudmann
Kaitlin, Ethan, Matthew and Aidan Dowling
Jordan Rienzi
Ava and Aubry Rosenbaum
Aubrey, Chelton and Brooks Lack
Chiara Chan
Caden, Declan and Kiera Park
Royer and Shane Nadeau
Sloane Schortzmann
Jackson, Isabella and Ashton Maltin
Abigail and Oliver Robinson
Miles and Lyla Fogel
Amanda and Valentina Breines
Owen Corkery
Ruya Oyman
James and Ryan Losquadro
Ava and Jullian Fox
Vasilije Cvetanovic
Ethan, Chloe and Leo Ten-Ami
James, Patrick and Emily Kerwin
Bobby, Kieran and Jackson Kuenzler
Abigail and Oliver Robinson-Hall
Hawkins Pattersom
Joseph, Philip and Isabella Micale (graduated)
Girl Scout Troop #97910
Coach Wallace
Daniel Oros (graduated)
The Oddy Family (graduated)
The Calvetti Family (graduated)
Aidan and Cameron Linnington (graduated)
The McNamara Family (graduated)
The Martin Family (graduated)
Sam and Eli Beinstein (graduated)
In Memory of Margaret Pasmantier
Nicholas Romero (graduated)
The Gershenson-Schneiders (graduated)
The Grassi Family (graduated)
Mary and Michael O’Reilly (graduated)
Madeline, Laila and Dewey Phillips
Tarvin Family
Lena, Owen and Alex Heitmann
The Rogers Family (graduated)
Mr. Stuart Holmes and Gae Brunner
Andy, Matt, Sam and Emma Remis (graduated)
Grandmama McGirr
The Fan Family (graduated)
The Daffron Grandchildren