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March 1 - March 5, 2021


1st Grade


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Parents say...

I really liked all the projects especially Kayleigh, Tommy, and Brennah's!


I am so impressed with the work that the kids put into these projects! I am blown away by the work the volunteers behind the scenes put into making this not only possible, but fantastic. Thank you to all of those involved in the 2021 Virtual Science Fair!

Alina Albano

How fascinating to see all the kids science fair ! Kuddos to the school staff and volunteer parents to put an amazing website. Especially during this crisis times, this positive encouragement on student's learning and providing a great tool to demonstrate science (along with reasoning steps and hands-on active exploration ) will definitely go a long way !!
Congratulations !!! With over 80 projects, this is a great success. We as a family love science and are planning to watch a bunch every day of the fair. !

Puja Vaidya

Hi Team,

I would like to appreciate all of your efforts in making this virtual Science Fair a fun one!! Truly amazed by the easy steps to upload the video/ projects. !

Amazing website as well ! Great job!!

I had one question , can this link be viewed by Ridge student's family like grandparents etc ?


Roshni Paul

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