How do penguins stay warm?
How do penguins stay warm?
How do penguins stay warm?

How do penguins stay warm?

Connor Kremkau - Kindergarten / Mrs. Droske

Project Summary

Penguins don't wear clothes like people, or have fur like other animals to keep them warm in cold temperatures. So how do penguins stay warm on freezing cold Antarctica? Connor learned that they have a layer of fat (called blubber) under their skin that keeps them warm.

Connor wanted to learn how it would feel to have blubber, just like a penguin. Using a bowl of ice water to represent Antarctica, Connor dipped his finger into the water to see how cold it felt. It was freezing! Then, he tried it with some blubber (he used Crisco shortening) wrapped around his finger. With the blubber, the ice water was nice and warm and Connor could keep his finger in the water for much longer.

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