Sound and Vibration

Safety Note: Science experiments should only be performed with a parent's permission and supervision.

Sound and Vibration
Sound and Vibration

Sound and Vibration

Kaitlyn Muselli - 2nd Grade / Mrs. Sason
Kenny Muselli - Kindergarten / Mrs. Blatt
Joey Muselli - Kindergarten / Mrs. Poulis

Project Summary

A Tuning Fork is metal with 2 prongs When it strikes against a surface it will create sound. The sound pitch will depend on the length and size of the Tuning fork. The Tuning Fork will vibrate hundreds of times per second. This experiment will show the movement and sounds that the Tuning Fork makes after striking an object.

The first test shows different sized Tuning Forks when it strikes an object and then the sounds that it makes when the handle touches the table.

The second test shows how the vibration of the Tuning Fork creates a pattern of waves in water.

The third test shows how the Tuning Fork vibrations move a ping pong ball.

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