The Effectiveness of Different Face Coverings

Safety Note: Science experiments should only be performed with a parent's permission and supervision.

The Effectiveness of Different Face Coverings

Amalia Liberatore - 3rd Grade / Sullivan
Marco Liberatore - 1st Grade / Peabody

Project Summary

Question: What type of face coverings work best at keeping fluids from coming out??

Amalia’s Hypothesis: I think only the scarf, KN95, and gator will keep the fluids from coming out.

Marco’s Hypothesis: I think that nothing will go through any of the coverings.

Experiment: To test our hypothesis we used several different face coverings: disposable mask, two disposable masks on top of each other, KN95 mask, cotton and nylon reusable mask, double cotton reusable mask, nylon gator, and a cotton scarf. We held a spray bottle one inch from each mask and sprayed the water in the bottle three times each in the direction of the mask. We then measured how far the water droplets traveled through the coverings.

Findings: The water only traveled through the scarf. We measured water droplets as far as eight inches from the scarf. All the other face coverings kept the water from traveling through.

Conclusion: All the face coverings are effective at keeping fluids from coming through, except the cotton scarf.

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