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At-Home DNA Extraction Kit

Safety Note: Science experiments should only be performed with a parent's permission and supervision.

At-Home DNA Extraction Kit
At-Home DNA Extraction Kit

At-Home DNA Extraction Kit

Rohaan Nair - 2nd Grade / Ms Galeazza

Project Summary

Created an at-home DNA Extraction Kit to extract DNA from strawberries.
-What is a DNA ? Where is DNA found ? Why do we need to extract DNA ?
-Health has become the most important priority more so during the COVID19 pandemic year.
Studying DNA to understand health related genetic diseases helps prevent and understand genetic diseases.
-You can create an At-Home extraction solution to break open cells to extract DNA.
-Where else can you find DNA ? Other organism and living things like plants.
-Links to understanding Genome and study DNA.
-Hypothesis, experiment, analyze and research and conclusion and references.

Please watch my prezi presentation and video within it.


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