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Yummy Gummy Bear Lab

Safety Note: Science experiments should only be performed with a parent's permission and supervision.

Yummy Gummy Bear Lab
Yummy Gummy Bear Lab

Yummy Gummy Bear Lab

Serena Vassak - 5th Grade / Mr Tarulli

Project Summary

One time I was looking on Pinterest for ideas to do for the science fair, and I saw “Gummy Bear Lab”. I wondered Which water makes a gummy bear grow most? So I decided to try it.
I think that the Vinegar Gummy Bear will be the biggest, but let’s see!

It turns out that Gummy Bear + Baking Soda Water is the biggest. The Gummy Bear + Plain Water and the Gummy Bear + Salt Water both fell apart. Gummy Bear + Vinegar survived, but it was smaller than the Gummy Bear + Baking Soda.

Check out my slides and video to see how it went!

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