What Melts Fastest?

Safety Note: Science experiments should only be performed with a parent's permission and supervision.

What Melts Fastest?

Colin Kupiec - 3rd Grade / Banchitta
Emily Kupiec - 1st Grade / Vandervelt

Project Summary

With all of the snow this winter we began to wonder, what melts the fasted? Snow, ice cream or water ice?

We measured the exact same amount of all 3 materials (4 oz) and froze all in the freezer so that they would be the same temperature.

We predicted that that ice cream would melt the fastest because it’s creamier.

We took all 3 out of the freezer and placed on the counter and monitored which material melted the fastest. It took over 2 hours for all 3 to melt fully, with ice cream melting the fastest, the water ice the second fastest and snow taking the longest by far.

We concluded that ice cream likely melts the fastest because of the milk (snow and water ice were water based).

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