Rocket Launch

Safety Note: Science experiments should only be performed with a parent's permission and supervision.

Rocket Launch
Rocket Launch

Rocket Launch

Rachel Issac - 1st Grade / Mrs. Peabody

Project Summary

This experiment shows you how to launch a bottle rocket and the science behind it !

Supplies used :
1) Soda Bottle
2) Cork
3) 3 sticks to support the rocket
4) vinegar
5) Baking Soda burrito :)

Steps :
1. First you tape 3 sticks to the soda bottle to make it stand .
2. Then you can decorate the soda bottle to make it look like a rocket ( this is optional)
3. Next, take some baking soda and put it in a kitchen towel and roll it into a burrito. This is an important step.
4. Finally, go outside and pour some vinegar into the bottle and push down the baking soda burrito into the bottle. Seal the bottle immediately with a cork and then place it on the ground.

Enjoy the video to see the fun science experiment :)

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