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Our Mission Statement:

Ridge is a community that celebrates and honors every unique individual member and the multifaceted experiences that they bring to the school. Our diversity is a source of strength, excellence, joy, and creativity. 

Diversity may include, but is not limited to, race, age, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, nationality, family composition, ability/disability, learning styles, religion, sexuality, language, and socioeconomic status.


The Ridge DEI committee is part of this diverse community, dedicated to supporting resources and opportunities for communication, storytelling, engagement, and education related to equity for all.

DEI Updates and Events


Come enjoy a story and a stroll! We invite you to drop by the Castle Playground for StoryWalk at Ridge, an outdoor self-guided reading path of the book “All Are Welcome” by Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman.  Displayed along the fence on the edge of the playground, our StoryWalk encourages literacy and physical activity for all ages.

“I AM” Project

The DEI Committee presented a community wide activity at our Ridge Back to School Picnic, called the “I AM” project. Students spent time on their “I AM” statements and posted them on our display. The “I AM” project is now on display in our front hallway at Ridge.

Holidays and traditions

The wide array of holidays and traditions celebrated across the Ridge Community this time of year highlights our rich diversity. On Friday, the students celebrated their diverse traditions at the Holiday Sing A Long. As part of the program, students told stories about how their families celebrate Divali, Ramadan, Christmas, Norwuz, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa & Lunar New Year.  

The school shared the slides from the Holiday Sing A Long - available here

We encourage our community to engage in conversation with friends and neighbors to learn what they celebrate or how they honor family traditions, sample food from different cultures used to celebrate during the holidays, or read books together introducing holiday celebrations and customs around the world.

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