Welcome to the 2019-20 school year and a special welcome to the many new families entering our outstanding Ridge community this year.

As parents, we have the unique opportunity to directly impact the programs that will enhance
our children’s learning experiences by contributing to Friends of Ridge (FOR). Unlike the HSA budget which covers things such as upgrades to facilities and technology, Friends of Ridge donations are used solely to sponsor enrichment programs that are notpaid for by the Board of Education. These additional programs make our children’s experience at Ridge Elementary School not just memorable but truly extraordinary.

I’d like to thank the families who have already contributed to the Friends of Ridge campaign which facilitated so many wonderful events. Our children are so fortunate to have the experiences that are a result of parents donating their time, energy and funds for the benefit of creating such an extraordinary school.

In the 2018-2019 school year your generous donations funded $19,000 of enrichment programs for the students, which we hope to exceed this year. Our success is dependent on family donations. 100% of the FOR fundraising campaign contributions will directly fund your child’s enrichment activities at Ridge. I’ve highlighted some of the students’ favorite events that are funded by FOR. I encourage you to ask your child about these events and let them share their excitement about each with you.

Thank you so much for your support and generosity.

Ashley Minetti
Vice President, Home and School Association

2019-20 Friends of Ridge PROGRAMS
  • AUTHOR VISITS: FOR funds two author visits each year for grades K-5 so students can meet real live Authors - a favorite each year

  • ANIMAL STUDIES: FOR donations provide for students to hatch chicks in classroom incubators and study pond environments, bats, butterflies and Outraghisss Pets

  • JONATHAN SPROUT: FOR donations bring this 2010 Grammy Nominee to perform an American Hero concert celebrating the lives of legends ranging from Pocahontas to Neil Armstrong

  • SPACE HISTORY: FOR donations allow for a visit from space historian Joe Lennox to come explain the wonders of space

  • CIRCUS WEEK: FOR donations allow all Ridge students to participate in this fun, confidence building week

  • ENCAMPMENT: FOR donations help students experience an encampment reminiscent of the revolutionary war period

OUR goal for 2019-2020

Our success is dependent on family donations. 100% of the FOR fundraising campaign contributions will directly fund your child's enrichment activities at Ridge. 

Our Friends of Ridge fundraising goal for 2019-2020 is $17,500

FACTS About Friends of Ridge



The Friends of Ridge fund is completely dependent on parent's generosity.



Although we will inform parents about where we stand on our fundraising goal donations are kept anonymous.



No donation is too small. There is NO set amount. Each family can give an amount they are comfortable with.




Ridge HSA is a 501(C)(3) organization.



100%. Amount of the FOR fundraising contributions that go directly to fund your child's enrichment activities at Ridge.


Other fundraisers, like bake sales, ice pop sales, or the picnic, are used to finance the HSA, which funds things such as technology and facility upgrades. FOR is purely for enrichment events.

THE Friends of ridge fund

The Friends of Ridge fund is completely dependent on parent's generosity

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