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Back to school night Videos

Dr. Jean Schoenlank, Ed.D. - Ridge Elementary School Principal Back to School Night Message
Jean Schoenlank, Ed. D. Principal, Ridge School - Back to School Night Message
Ashely Minetti - Ridge HSA President 2020-2021
Ashely Minetti, Ridge HSA President 2020-21 Back to School Night Speech
Mark Bruno - Ridge HSA Volunteer Coordinator 2020-2021 about Schoold Safety, Drop off, Pick up and RedZone rules and tips
Mark Bruno - Ridge HSA Volunteer Coordinator 2020-21 Back to School Night Speech: School Safety, RedZone rules and tips


 Kindergarten Team : Mrs. Blatt, Mrs. Carroll, Mrs. Galvin, Mrs. Poulis

 Mrs. Droske introduction (remote students)

 Ms. Dodd introduction (remote students)

1st Grade

 1st Grade Team: Mrs. Catalano, Mrs. Peabody, Mrs. Pedersen, Mrs. Vandervelt

2nd Grade

 2nd Grade Team: Mrs. Ardito, Mrs. Galeazza, Mrs. Sason

 Mrs. Bingham introduction (remote students)

 Ms. Carafello introduction (remote students)

3rd Grade

 3rd Grade Team: Ms. Barba, Mrs. Banchitta, Mrs. Kimbell, Mrs. Sullivan

4th Grade

4th Grade Team: Mrs. Gidich, Ms. LeBlancq, Ms. Marmo

 Ms. King introduction (remote students)

5th Grade

 5th Grade Team: Mrs. McDermott, Mrs. Mitchell, Mr. Tarulli

 Ms. Tamuzza introduction (remote students)


 RISe Team: Ms. Mager, Ms. McGuire, Ms. Shulmann, Ms. Williams

Specialists Team

 Specialists Team: Ms. Tahan, Ms. Eng, Mrs. Pecorelli, Ms. Tobin Art, Library, Music, & Physical Education

Child Study Team

 Child Study Team: Mrs. Elbaum, Mrs. Main, Mrs. McAloon

Support Team

 Support Team:  Ms. Betstadt, Mrs. Higgins, Mrs. Jarosz, Mrs. Khaloyan, Mrs. Kiely, Mrs. Macri

Related Services Team

 Related Services Team: Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Polay, Mrs. Martell: OT, Speech, PT

 Mrs. Sansone, remote-only OT

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