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The Friends of Ridge (FOR) campaign is an HSA fundraiser that funds programs not covered by the Board of Education. These are additional enrichment programs chosen by your childrens’ teachers, funded completely by you, the parents. Other HSA fundraisers cover facilities and technology expenses, while FOR is the sole benefactor for these additional programs that go above and beyond the standard education.

Jean Whitehead
Vice President, Home and School Association


  • Author Visits each year for every grade.

  • Animal Study through the examination of hatching chicks in classroom incubators and studying pond environments, bats, butterflies and exotic pets.

A live concert with Grammy Nominee Jonathan Sprout showcasing American heroes throughout history.

  • Space History with historian Joe Lennox to explain the wonders and mysteries of the cosmos.

A circus week extravaganza where all students participate in a complete acrobatic experience.

  • An 18th century living history project.

100% of your tax-deductible donations go directly to your child’s enrichment activities for the following year.


In these unprecedented times, we appreciate any donation you are able to send. Our success is dependent on the generosity of families like you. We hope to continue the legacy of offering the best educational opportunities for our children.

give a little. give a lot.

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