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Ridge science fair

Calling all inventors and scientists for the Ridge Science Fair 2023!!


The Ridge Science Fair will be held on March 2-3rd. March 2nd evening is open to the community, parents and guardians and March 3rd daytime for students only. Students in all grades are now invited to sign-up and submit their project title.

We can’t wait to see all the science projects students will come up with this year. Which classroom will have the most projects and most interesting project? What would your kid want to learn? What makes a light bulb glow? How can you create a vortex in a soda bottle? The Ridge community awaits your hypotheses and conclusions!


All students in all grades are welcome to submit projects that can be either interactive (hands-on) or for viewing only (hands-off). Messy or spillable projects should be placed in an aluminum tray. 


For ideas, resources, how-to-, Parent instructions for (k-2), (3-5) grade students visit here:

Use these links and make sure to have fun with your kids.

We look forward to seeing all the amazing science projects this year!!!

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