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100% of your tax-deductible donations go directly to your child’s enrichment activities for the following year.

In these unprecedented times, we appreciate any donation you are able to send. Our success is dependent on the generosity of families like you. We hope to continue the legacy of offering the best educational opportunities for our children.
give a little. give a lot.

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3/3 - Science Fair (6:00-8:00 pm)

3/4 – Science Fair (daytime event)

3/5 – Super Science Saturday

3/8 – HSA public meeting (2:00 pm)

3/11 - Fifth Grade Vocal and Instrumental Concert

3/18 – Teacher Appreciation Lunch

3/25 - 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade Concert


february 28, 2022

REGISTRATION for Kindergarten (and new first graders) for 22-23 is now open!!!  Please go to the website and click on the Registration button.  It helps for everyone to register as soon as possible to assist the district with necessary staffing for September.  Thanks!


ONE SCHOOL, ONE BOOK:  Hope everyone is enjoying The Wild Robot.. .don’t forget – send us pics of your family reading to:


Notes from the Health Office: 

If your child tests POSITIVE, please make sure to complete the District’s Covid Positive questionnaire:

For Fifth Grade parents:  If you take your child for a physical please remember they need to have updated immunizations for 6th grade…they will need a T-DAP, and a mengicoccal vaccine before entering 6th grade.   ImmunizationRequirementsGradeSix.doc 




Teacher Appreciation Project

Who - We are fundraising for the teachers and staff of Ridge. These are the superheroes that bring it their all every single day to Ridge.

What - We are giving $400 grants to every single classroom and specialist at Ridge and ALSO renovating the Teacher’s Lounge to be a place they deserve and love.

When - The classroom grants went out before Winter Break and the Renovation will take place this summer (before pictures can be found at

Where - The one and only RIDGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

Why - Because they all deserve our support. They have always gone above and beyond no matter how hard it was and continues to be. It is our turn to step up.


Now, as an added bonus to help us get to the finish line (we’re about 50% there!!). The family with the largest donation will receive the HSA Parking Spot for the whole month of May. That means no more walking two blocks in the rain, no more hunting the streets for a parking spot, and bonus time in the morning and the afternoon. You will get a prime parking spot within a short walking distance to the front doors of the school.

TAP Parking Space.pdf 

Watch this video for more information, then head to to donate, or print and return this flyer with a check. Thank you in advance :)  Teacher Appreciation Fundraiser.pdf 

Friends of Ridge

The Friends of Ridge is a Home and School Association (H.S.A.) supported fundraising campaign. Our goal is to raise the funds necessary for student enrichment programs for Ridge School. Friends of Ridge money goes towards author visits, assemblies, grade specific presentations, field trips and so much more! Your donation to “Friends of Ridge” is needed to keep these and many more programs in place.

Your donation is tax deductible as the Ridge HSA is a 501(c) (3) organization. Please check with your employer to see if it provides matching donation

HSA Membership Dues

We’re creeping closer to our goal for our HSA membership dues. If you haven’t purchased already, please head to the Ridge shop to pay your annual HSA dues. This is one of our fundraisers that helps pay for many of the fantastic programs around Ridge. These include Science Fair, LEAP, the courtyard garden, teacher appreciation lunches, and so much more. As an added bonus, you get access to this year’s directory information. Make your life a little easier and also feel good about contributing to our little HSA.

If you have already bought the dues and do not have directory access, please email so we can quickly remedy this. And if you want to keep updated on all things HSA related, download groupspot today to see posts on upcoming events.

Any questions, email Lisette Coffina.


Yankees Game!

“Home run!”, “Strike Out!”, “Ump!”, “Foul!” (are there fouls in baseball?). These are just a few of the lovely things we get to shout at the Spring Ridge Baseball Game. Yankees are headed to bat against the Cleveland Guardians! We are joining several other Ridgewood elementary schools for a day at the park. Every ticket comes with a Yankees backpack, hotdog and drink. If you’re of the legal drinking age, that drink can be more than just water or soda. A true full package deal (well no parking, but we tried). Tickets are on sale now at and all proceeds will be added to the Teacher Appreciation Project. Any questions, email Jean Whitehead.

Curious Reader

Do you like books? Do you like supporting local businesses? Do you like curated selections of children’s books that will satisfy even the pickiest on your holiday gift list? Head to Curious Reader in Glen Rock and mention our school. 10% of your purchase will go back to Ridge in the form of classroom books purchased at the end of the year.


Red Zone

Please take a moment to help with Red Zone. We desperately need volunteers this January. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, it means getting out the house earlier. You know what else? You are doing your part to make sure all the students stay safe.

Please sign up here today and join the other incredible volunteers who have committed their time and talent to moving kids and cars along safely.



We're excited to announce that the Harlem Wizards will be resuming their annual popular Ridgewood tradition of taking on representatives of our Ridgewood schools this March in two games sure to be the talk of the town. Our school Principals, teachers and Board Members will take the floor as hundreds of families watch with delight over the course of two nights on March 30 and 31st. This is the sole fundraiser of the Ridgewood Federated HSA, which represents all the schools, and provides funding for district-wide initiatives that have a real impact on our kids. The two night Wizards event, which is the only one involving ALL the Ridgewood schools, provides unique and tremendous exposure before, during and after the event, including through game day marketing, social media posts and communication sent to EVERY family in the Ridgewood School District. We are hoping that you will support our schools and sponsor the Wizards games as one of only five Silver Sponsors.

As a Silver Sponsor, we request a donation of $500. With two anticipated dates, your organization will receive two nights of exposure in front of over 1,500 members of the community. Additionally, all of the school HSA’s send out special emails promoting this event and highlighting the sponsors to all the families in the district. It’s truly a wonderful opportunity to spread the word. You will receive 2 complimentary tickets, a value of $50.

Thank you again for your consideration -- we look forward to hearing from you and are excited about the prospect of working with you and promoting your organization in 2022!

SILVER Sponsorship -  $500 (limited to five sponsors)

Silver sponsorship benefits will include the following:

  • Five (5) Silver Sponsorships will be available - $500 net each

  • Thank You Silver Sponsor signage at RHS during the event to be located at concessions stand and entrance to gym

  • Name listed on promotional flyers that we will create and send via enews/eblast to parents only * 

  • Two (2) complimentary tickets for sponsor (total) - value $50; your choice of dates



LEAP (Take Two)!

LEAP Registration is Open!

LEAP is back and registration is open.  LEAP is a parent volunteer lunchtime program that will be held March 14th through April 7th.  Please clink on the link for more details.

Science Fair

Hurray! You are going to Science Fair. Please join us for Ridge School’s in-person Science Fair, featuring:

  • 100+ student projects

  • Fun, hands-on science demonstration (Interactive Volcano by Jean)

  • Demonstrations by  KiteSteam 

  • Bake Sale & Raffle

Super Science Saturday

Be sure to check out the 2022 live stream Super Science Saturday program on March 5 starting at 10AM.  Join by going to


Reading Marathon

READY SET READ!  Reading Marathon month is under way! We have lots of exciting programs happening throughout the month, including science experiments, storytimes & a very special author visit with Hawes principal, Dr. Semendinger, on Feb. 26. Registration at is required for events. We hope you’ll join us! These programs and more are funded by your generous donations to the Reading Marathon.

Book Gifting

The Ridge School Library Book Gifting Program is back! This program provides our school library with lots of new books each year. It is a great way to recognize your child’s birthday while contributing a lasting gift to our library’s collection.  Please visit the following link within our website to participate. Questions? Contact Julia Bender.



3/3 - Science Fair (6:00-8:00 pm)

3/4 – Science Fair (daytime event)

3/5 – Super Science Saturday

3/8 – HSA public meeting (2:00 pm)

3/11 - Fifth Grade Vocal and Instrumental Concert

3/18 – Teacher Appreciation Lunch

3/25 - 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade Concert


Have an entry for Ridge eNews? Send it to Jean Whitehead by the end of the day on Friday including any flyers or attachments.

Visit for eNews and upcoming dates!

Please visit this link for all district and school notices:




The Ridge School HSA is a non-profit organization comprised of parents/guardians of students, faculty and administration of Ridge School.

We support enriching experiences for our children and provide interesting and important information to parents/guardians throughout the year.

This website contains important information for parents of Ridge School students including how you can help make Ridge school better. Please refer to it throughout the year.



REV 2020-08-03

SCHOOL HOURS - during regular school year 



The mission of Ridge School is to provide all students with equal access to a full education recognizing their various learning styles and providing them with the skills needed for their fullest participation in a changing society. This education will emphasize the dignity of the individual in an atmosphere of active support, open communication, financial commitment and cooperation among professional staff, parents, children and the larger Ridgewood community.



The Ridge School website is

Click "Select a School" then click "Ridge Elementary School." The website contains current information about what is happening at Ridge.


Pages include: 
Information on HSA activities 
Emergency closing information 


Grades 1-5   

Minimum Day Hours: 

8:30 am-2:55 pm

8:35 am-3:00 pm 

8:35 am-12:45 pm

SCHOOL HOURS - during hybrid/virtual school year

All Grades

8:30 am - 12:45 pm

Following A/B schedule 

As playgrounds are closed, we strongly urge that students arrive at school as close to 8:30 as possible, but must arrive on time. Students will now enter through designated grade-level doors for a temperature check. 
On inclement weather days, students may line up with grade level groups on the terrace by the front entrance. This covered area offers protection from rain. A small flag will be displayed to alert students to wait on the terrace. 

ABSENCE VERIFICATION SYSTEM - Still valid during hybrid/virtual schooling 

This telephone answering system serves as a double check of a student's absence and assures that each child sent to school has arrived safely. Parents should report student absences by calling (201)670-2740 ext. 1 any time before 8:45am or 1 :00pm. A recorded message will ask that the following information be provided: 

  1. Student's name 

  2. Student's grade and teacher 

  3. Date(s) absent 

  4. Reason for child's absence 

The messages will be checked twice a day at 8:45am and 1:00pm against the teachers' absence reports. If a child is not in school and has not been reported as absent, a secretary will call the parent. 


Still Valid During hybrid/virtual


With the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004, the U.S. Congress established a requirement that all school districts with a federally funded school meals program develop and implement wellness policies that address nutrition and physical activity. As of September 1, 2007, Ridgewood's Board Policy #3542.1 affects us in the following ways:


NO CANDY or SODA may be sent to school for classroom treats, birthdays, or other celebrations (i.e. Halloween, Valentine's Day.) Teachers may not give candy or any food as rewards. 

Peanut butter, nuts and any food items containing such will not be served in the schools. Snacks may be consumed in the classroom if permitted by the classroom teacher. First and second grade students are allowed to have snack every morning; however, only healthy snacks are permitted.


Students may bring soda, other non-approved beverages, baked goods, or candy to school for their own consumption, although children and parents are encouraged to make healthy choices.


Students may NOT celebrate their birthdays in school with food or gifts. 

Teachers/Students will brainstorm a list of ways to celebrate birthdays in school, e.g. recess, game, special activity cards. Birthdays are announced from the office each week . 

Any item sent to school for general consumption MUST include a list of ingredients. Teachers/Parents may not distribute any food item unless we receive a list of ingredients.


For store-bought items, the list on the package will be sufficient. 

Homemade items must include the ingredients in the recipe. 

NO candy is permitted, even as decoration on treats. 

NO soda is permitted at birthday or holiday celebrations.


A goal of the policy is that as students learn about healthy nutrition, they will bring healthy beverages and lunches to school; however, the guidelines do not limit what students can bring to school for their own consumption. 



Students in Grades 4 and 5 are permitted to ride bikes to and from school provided they ride legally, safely and considerately. Bike helmets are required by law. Children should dismount at the approach to the school driveway and walk their bikes to the rack. Ignoring crossing guards or disregarding safety rules may result in the loss of riding privileges.


Skateboards, roller blades and scooters are prohibited and must not be brought to school.


Making, carrying or throwing snowballs is prohibited on school grounds and while traveling to and from school.


Surprise parties for teachers are not allowed. Such parties embarrass the teacher involved and create social pressure.for other classes to do likewise. Invitations to home parties may not be handed out in school. Remember that children's feelings are easily hurt. 

VISITORS - No visitors allowed during hybrid/virtual learning.



Cell phones and smart watches arc not permitted for students. During school hours devices must be turned off and placed in student backpacks.


ILLNESS - Non Covid 
Please do not send your child to school if he or she is not feeling well. Illness spreads quickly in a classroom environment. General guidelines include: 
No fever in the past 24 hours 
No persistent cough 
No thick nasal mucous 
No fatigue or general discomfort 
When a child becomes ill at school, the school nurse provides only first aid care and, when necessary, arranges for the child to go home. If parents are not available, the person listed on the child's emergency form is notified and asked to come for the child. No child will be sent home without an adult from elementary school.


ILLNESS - Covid 
Any student showing symptoms of a covid-like illness will be safely isolated near the health office, and parents will be informed to pick up their child as quickly as possible. Return to school will require a doctor's note.


Students will not be dismissed from school to walk to medical appointments. Children are asked to wait in the office until picked up by a designated adult.

During hybrid/virtual learning, we ask that all appointments be made after 12:45 p.m.


The nurse cannot legally administer medicine internally without a doctor's written order. Therefore, the nurse cannot offer even such medication as aspirin. If it is necessary for your child to take medicine during school hours, the medicine must be given to the nurse along with the parental request. The student should not carry medication to school each day; instead, the container with the prescription label should be left in school with the nurse. Medicine intended for home use should be kept separately in a labeled container at home. If the school nurse is not available, the medication may be given only by the parent. The authorization for medication does not extend beyond the current school year.


Pediculosis is a continuing and annoying problem among school-aged children. In order to limit the spread of pediculosis, we have instituted a number of procedures at Ridge School.


It is the practice of Ridge School that any student determined to have head lice be temporarily excluded from school until they have been treated, rechecked by the school nurse and are "nit free." If you find head lice or nits (eggs) on your child at home, please do your part to prevent the spread of this communicable condition. Notify the school nurse immediately so she can check children in your child's grade level. 

This information will be handled in a confidential manner. Please also inform the parents of your child's close friends and check all family members for possible infestation for at least two weeks. After treating your child with lice shampoo, it is extremely important that you manually remove all nits from your child's hair. The school nurse must check your child before returning to class to ensure that he/she is not free.


FALL PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES - will be held virtually this year
Parent-Teacher conferences will be held between late September and Thanksgiving. The conferences are designed for parents to meet with their children's teachers in order to set goals for the year. Information about scheduling of these conferences will be communicated through the classroom teacher.


Each Tuesday, school notices will be emailed to parents and posted on the Ridge School website. Your child may also bring home materials if they are not suited for posting on the website.


The calendar included in this handbook lists the school vacations for the year 2020-2021. Please try to schedule family vacations at these times to avoid unnecessary disruptions in your child's academic program.


State regulations and Board of Education policy require that parents be informed that they may request a copy of pupil records upon the child's departure form the Ridgewood Public Schools. If you wish to have a copy, please direct your request to the school principal. Parents may make an appointment with the principal to review their child's records at any time.


Lost and found items are located on the table near the front door. Please check there if you are missing items of clothing, etc. Please label all your children's belongings to limit the number of items in the lost and found.


INTERRUPTION OF CLASSES - Items may not be dropped off during hybrid/virtual

Because of the potential for interruptions of the instructional program, the office does not call students out of class for lunches, instruments, homework, library books, etc. Teachers have been instructed to send students who are missing these items down to the office to see if they have been delivered. Please reinforce with your children that if they realize they are missing any of the above items, they should check with the office to see if they have been delivered. Please do not deliver items directly to the classrooms or closets during school hours.


The Bill Ward Discretionary Fund, named for former principal Bill Ward, provides financial assistance to families with children at Ridge Elementary School who find themselves in need. Assistance may be used to help pay for such things as summer school and summer camps, rental of musical instruments, Book Fair, class trips, book gifting, etc. The money in the fund is invested in an interest bearing account that will allow access to funds whenever needed. If you or anyone you know are in need, please send a note or make a telephone call to the principal, Jean Schoenlank. The privacy of the recipients will be respected and all requests will remain confidential. Contributions may be made to the fund by writing a check payable to the Bill Ward Discretionary Fund, and forwarding it to the HSA Treasurer.




Students in the Ridgewood Public School District's six elementary schools are expected to follow a golden rule: 

Treat other people and their things the way you would like to be treated. 
We believe this rule is a clear compass to guide all behavior in all situations. In addition to modeling this rule through daily actions, the faculty and staff regularly address this rule through weekly character education sessions, regular read aloud sessions, and school wide events. 

We believe that elementary school is a time to grow and learn from mistakes. Therefore, we are guided by a progressive discipline philosophy. We have listed some possible consequences for violating our Student Code of Conduct, in order of severity. Because we believe that the consequences for students should have meaning and help them learn, we also explore alternative forms of discipline if we feel it is in the best interest of the students.


Infractions that are not acceptable in a school environment include: harassment, intimidation, bullying*, theft, destruction and/or defacing school property, fighting, leaving school property without permission, disrespect to fellow students/faculty, violation of acceptable use policy for technology, and inappropriate behavior that is disruptive to the learning or safety of others. 

Possible consequences include: 

Discussion with students and/or their parents 
Written reflection 
Lunch/recess detention 
After school detention 
Alternative discipline such as an assignment or community service 
Suspension or expulsion in the case of dangerous or unsafe behavior, serious or repeated harassment, intimidation, bullying*, fighting, theft or vandalism.


Our discipline standard requires that we address any action of which we are made aware by investigating it and, if necessary, by implementing discipline. Our philosophy of progressive discipline focuses on teaching a student to behave properly so the consequences may be simply talking to a student and recording the incident, or as severe as a suspension. Should a student repeat the same offense or several small offenses, she will receive more severe discipline.


Counseling and the Child Study Team services may be utilized in order to assist students in adhering to the Student Conduct of Conduct. Teachers and administrators provide additional group and individual support as appropriate. Student conduct is almost never black and white and we will provide due diligence in any investigation, but we are not a court of law. We do not discriminate based on gender, age, religious orientation or any other protected class, and our policies and practices are implemented without regard to membership in such groups. We do not make public the disciplinary actions that we impose on a student, even to the family of a victim if there is one. We respect the privacy of all students. 

*Ridgewood Board of Education Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Policy and Regulation (5512, R 5512) may be found at www.ridgewood.k12.nj.usunder Board Policies and Regulations.



This directory is a publication of the Ridge Home & School Association and is not an official publication of the Ridgewood Public Schools system, and is published solely for the informational and social convenience of Ridge School families. No one, including, but not limited to, members of the Ridge Home and School Association, Inc., and any employee or representative of the school system is permitted to give information in this document to any person or organization which solicits or is engaged in any commercial, outside charitable, political or partisan purpose. No one may use the information in this document for personal gain. The names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of families in this directory should be treated as private and confidential.





HOURS 8:35 AM - 3:00 PM


PRINCIPAL Michael Piacenza


Jean Whitehead